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Black powder sharp corner dice set

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Among modern board games, Dungeons and Dragons has become a popular board game item. At the same time, a variety of dnd dice can also be selected, choose your favorite dnd dice in the game, and show the confidence and strength to increase winning when you roll on the table. Increased the dragon’s confidence in victory, they are the sacred tools of destiny.

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When held in hand, lay the foundation for victory.

This dice is made of resin material, and the edge is a sharp-pointed type. It will feel like a stick when held in your hand. This is the characteristic of a sharp-angled dice. This new dice borrows the color of the tide as the key point of its design. If you look from the side of the dice, you can see the dark and deep ocean floor and floating decorations on it. If you look at the dice from top to bottom, you will see a mysterious tidal world. Let people trigger daydreams, be on the scene, and experience the mysterious tidal world.

The number of dice required:

The price of our dice quantity is different, there will be different prices between different quantities, and the customized price is calculated separately, because there are different customized needs and plans.

If you are interested in our products, you can always contact us for more information.

The specifications of the product are D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20, most of which are used in the board game Dungeons and Dragons. The production process is as follows: first mold, then color modulation, and then polishing. Then engrave on the remaining surface, and finally color and air dry. This is the entire production process.

We have an advantage in making sharp-angled dice. We use manual polishing to make the edges sharper and more distinctive.

Catherine Tauscher, a customer in the United States, loves this dice very much. More than 70 sets have been ordered for the first time. After receiving the goods, they also left a 5-star rating, which shows the customer's love for our sharp-angled dice.


Is your dice handmade?

Answer: Yes, our dice are polished manually to ensure that the edges are sharp and the texture of the dice is very good.

Can you customize the dice?

Answer: Of course, we can customize the dice, and we can engrave or print custom logos on the dice. In addition, we can customize the printing box, and most of the logos provided by the guests can be printed.

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