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Pink and blue pointed dice set

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Dice, also used as dice, is a regular polyhedron, usually used as a small prop in table games, and is one of the ancient gambling tools. Dice is also a random number generator that is easy to make and obtain. The most common dice is a six-sided dice. It is a cube with one to six holes (or numbers) on it.

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The sum of the numbers on the opposite sides must be seven. This has also achieved D4, D8, D10, D10%, D12 and D20 faces of various shapes of dice, and various colors have achieved players' extraordinary dreams.

This dice is made of resin material, and the edge is a sharp-pointed type. It will feel like a stick when held in your hand. This is the characteristic of a sharp-angled dice. The design of the dice combines pink and blue, and a colorful reflective film is added to the dice, so that the dice can see different colors from different angles, and the numbers are decorated with gold to make the dice more shiny. Plus a high-end customized logo printing box, high-end atmosphere and high-grade.

Number of dice required:

The price of our dice quantity is different, there will be different prices between different quantities, and the customized price is calculated separately, because there are different customized needs and plans.

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The specifications of the product are D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20, most of which are used in the board game Dungeons and Dragons. The production process is as follows: first mold, then color modulation, and then polishing. Then engrave on the remaining surface, and finally color and air dry. This is the entire production process.

We have an advantage in making sharp-angled dice. We use manual polishing to make the edges sharper and more distinctive.

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