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Oriental Dragon Pointed Dice Set

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DND strives to create a complete and complete world, with history and culture-everything in the real world can be there, as for what is not, as long as it is reasonable, it can also be there. In this perfect and complex world, balance is another spirit, and the character cannot be overpowering. If he acquires outstanding abilities on the one hand, he must be weakened on the other; neither good nor evil can dominate the world. , If one party is too strong, it will trigger a stronger force to balance it all. The sharp-angled dice set is also one of the most popular styles.

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This dice design draws on the ancient elements of the East, put the stickers into the dice for filling, and at the same time use golden paint for coloring, showing a sense of high quality. At the same time, the golden color appears in the dice, which makes the player more and more exploring curiosity to explore the mystery.

The number of dice required:

If you don’t know exactly, please give us an estimate, we need to know the approximate vector, because there is a huge price difference between 50 sets and 2000 sets.

Please remember that the color scheme presented on the visualization is only illustrative. The color of the rendering and pictures viewed on your screen may depend on the quality of your screen, the personal settings of your device and other factors. The color of the final product may differ from What you see on the screen is slightly different, take a look at the currently available colors below, if you are interested, contact us for more information.

The specifications of the product are D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20, most of which are used in the board game Dungeons and Dragons. The production process is as follows: first mold, then color modulation, and then polishing. Then engrave on the remaining surface, and finally color and air dry. This is the entire production process.

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