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Sakura pink sharp dice set

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Dice is the most important part of D&D, and it can be called the iconic props of the “Dungeon and Dragon” game. Everything the character does is affected by this rule.

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The core of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) is a set of mathematical rules, that is, the "laws of the operation of the world"-this does not actually exist for the game characters, but it is very important to the player: whether an action can be successful, How to determine the effect of the action, whether the effect is inevitable or random, is determined by this set of mathematical rules. Whenever the player tries to perform an action that has a certain chance of failing, roll a dice (this reflects the uncertainty of the objective world), and add the relevant adjustment value to the result (this reflects the ascertainable ability, technology, environment and Other factors)

compared with the target value (that is, the probability of possible failure due to difficulty and various unfavorable factors), if the final result is equal to or greater than the target value, the action is successfully completed; conversely, if the result is less than the target value, the action failure.

The dice draws on the example of the Japanese cherry tree. The pink glitter is placed in the dice, which resembles the feeling of falling cherry blossoms, and is filled with white paint to make it more immersive.

Number of dice required

We will have a huge price difference between 50-2000 sets. If you have specific quotation requirements, you can contact us at any time.

As for the difference in picture color, it depends on the difference in personal computer color and resolution.

The specifications of the product are D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20, most of which are used in the board game Dungeons and Dragons. The production process is as follows: first mold, then color modulation, and then polishing. Then engrave on the remaining surface, and finally color and air dry. This is the entire production process.

We have an advantage in making sharp-angled dice. We use manual polishing to make the edges sharper and more distinctive.

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