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Colorful silver pointed dice set

Short Description:

There are extraordinary moments in the life of a game fan. When the dice is held in the hand or rolled on the game table, each baby will emit a shining colorful light, which is very eye-catching. It increases the dragon’s confidence in victory. They are the sacred tool of destiny. They are like arrogant dragons, roaming in every corner of the game world, better attracting the favorite hobbies of game fans.

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The material of the dice is resin. The dice can be viewed from all around to give out a unique colorful light. The beautiful colors of the dice draw on the trend of the design as the main point.

The purple aurora floats above the dark dusk, just like the aurora prince who created this beautiful dream.

Equipped with a transparent plastic box, it highlights its high-end luxury style, which is worthy of our possession.

Number of dice required:

The quotation of the dice depends on the quantity of the dice. For example, the price between 100 sets and 1000 sets will be different, so please give us an approximate quantity, we can make a better quotation and provide you with better quality service.

Please remember that the color scheme presented on the visualization is only illustrative. The color of the rendering and pictures viewed on your screen may depend on the quality of your screen, the personal settings of the device and other factors. The color of the final product may differ from What you see on the screen is slightly different, take a look at the currently available colors below, if you are interested, contact us for more information.

The specifications of the product are D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20, most of which are used in the board game Dungeons and Dragons. The production process is as follows: first mold, then color modulation, and then polish and polish. Then engrave on the remaining surface, and finally color and air dry. This is the entire production process.

We have an advantage in making sharp-angled dice. We use manual polishing to make the edges sharper and more distinctive.

Cristian Cook, a customer in the United States, likes this dice very much. The first order has been more than 50 sets. After receiving the goods, he also left a 5-star rating. The quality of the dice is very good, which shows that customers are very interested in us.

A favorite of silver colorful pointed dice. And Australian customer Will Spooner-Adey is very interested in our new silver colorful pointed dice. After a short inquiry, we immediately ordered 40 sets of dice, and then packaged them in a customized transparent box. The comments below indicate that the quality and service of the dice are very good.


Is your dice handmade?

Answer: Yes, our dice are polished manually to ensure that the edges are sharp and the texture of the dice is very good.

Can you customize the dice?

Answer: Of course, we can customize the dice, and we can engrave or print custom logos on the dice. Custom dice can be made.

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