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Purple Gold Aurora Pointed Dice Set

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 In the evolution of DnD for more than 30 years, the rules, settings and background are the top priority, and it is often changed to separate and combine, just like the Hydra in myths and legends, growing in the same Physically, they can attack simultaneously and fight separately. One head is cut off here, and two more grow out over there. In response to market changes and investor intentions, DnD has spawned a variety of completely different products. DnD is very successful in some places, such as tabletop games, animation, novels, action games, and RPG games including Golden Box and Infinite Engine.

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This dice is a new cash product. The color-changing inner core has become an emerging choice. The design of the dice draws on the aurora element, and the glitter stickers are put into the dice to fill it, making it feel similar to the color of the northern lights. At the same time, gold paint is used for coloring, showing a sense of high quality. People are in the Arctic Circle, in the dark night, enjoying this charming aurora, changing different colors, very wonderful.

The number of dice required:

If you are not sure how much you need at the beginning, you can tell us an approximate quantity, because different ranges of prices will have different differences, as for the price, we will also have a corresponding step adjustment.

Please remember that the color scheme presented on the visualization is only illustrative. The color of the rendering and pictures viewed on your screen may depend on the quality of your screen, the personal settings of the device and other factors. The color of the final product may differ from What you see on the screen is slightly different. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.


Is your dice handmade?

Answer: Yes, our dice are polished manually to ensure that the edges are sharp and the texture of the dice is very good.

Can you customize the dice?

Answer: Of course, we can customize the dice, and we can engrave or print custom logos on the dice. In addition, we can customize the printing box, and most of the logos provided by the guests can be printed.

How do you avoid damage during transportation, and what should you do if there is a damage problem?

Answer: Regarding this question, please rest assured that when we pack the dice, we will use a sponge to fill the sides and protect the corners to avoid damage to the dice. As for the problem of damage, we will carry out after-sales replenishment, negotiate and replenish it, and reach a smooth transaction with the customer.

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