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The dice can be called the iconic props of the “Dungeon and Dragon” game. There will be many occasions in the game where random numbers need to be generated by rolling dice to determine the future destiny of the character. There are many types of dice, including 4-sided dice, 6-sided dice, 8-sided dice, 12-sided dice, and 20-sided dice. Among them, 20-sided dice are used for many opportunities. Let’s take battle as an example to illustrate the use of dice. .

In battle, the dice are mainly used to determine whether the character’s attack hits or not, and the damage value caused by the hit.

To check whether the attack hits or not, in simple terms, the following formula is Used:

Attack check (melee) = 1d20 + basic attack bonus + strength adjustment value

The enemy’s defense level (AC) = 10 + armor bonus + agility adjustment value

How to play:

Among them, “1d20″ means to roll a 20-sided dice once. We assume that the basic attack bonus of the character is 2, and the strength bonus is also 2. Then the possible attack roll value of the character is between 5 and 24. As long as this number is not less than the enemy’s AC, it is considered a hit. Assuming that the enemy’s armor bonus is 5, the agility modifier is 1, and its AC is 16.

At this time, the only thing that determines the result is your luck. As long as you roll a 20-sided dice and roll a number above 12 to make the attack roll reach the enemy’s AC, you can successfully hit the enemy.

Next, you have to roll a dice to determine how much damage you cause. If you use a wooden stick, it will usually cause 1d6 points of damage (roll a 6-sided die, and roll a few damage is just a few), and if you swing The great axe, the damage value is 1d12. The pros and cons of weapons are generally determined by the damage they can cause. Of course, giant axes are better than wooden rods.

However, when you travel to and from the dungeon to find more powerful weapons, there is also a prerequisite: you must first be good at this type of weapon, first of all to ensure the attack hit, and secondly, consider the size of the lethality.

Post time: Jun-21-2021