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The toy industry will further maintain a growth rate of more than 6% in 2020, with a retail scale of 89.054 billion yuan, continuing to lead the global market. With the continuous development of science and technology and the cultural industry, toys not only have educational and entertainment functions, but are also necessary to accompany children’s healthy and happy growth. The following is an analysis of toy policy and environment.

In 2017, there were many toy companies above designated size in China, and most of them were export companies. According to the analysis of the toy industry, my country’s toy exports in 2019 were US$31.342 billion, a year-on-year increase of 21.99%, which was much higher than the growth rate of national foreign trade exports during the same period. With the increase in domestic labor costs, companies without core competitiveness and poor profitability will face greater operating pressure, and the living space of OEM factories is gradually being compressed. Although several large domestic toy companies have made breakthroughs in toy branding and IP design, their market share is still very low.

About the development and innovation of toy dice

The biggest secret of automatic dice beating automatically lies in the dice. The difference from traditional solid dice is that each Dice is equipped with electronic components such as a vibration motor, processor, color LED bulb, battery, and microphone, making it unique.

When the microphone detects a short and loud finger, table or hand clapping, the Dice built-in motor will start to rotate, and the dice will start to bounce. This is what we call magic dice for short, which can be developed in this direction.

Post time: Jun-21-2021